Spirit Songs cover


Track Listing

1. For you 3.45
2. Ellie, let your hair fall down 8.16
3. With you 5.49
4. Morning sun 4.05
5. I want to be close to you 3.39
6. The healing star 4.03
7. The river is flowing 5.53
8. Dragon child 5.10
9. Not of this world 4.54
10. The girl and the lily 3.30
11. Whispers 8.47
12. These are the days 4.01
13. Holy Spirit 5.10
14. Etheric angel 3.15

Total running time 69.41

A word about the songs...

Spirit Songs is a co-creation of duets with Eli, Eliška Bröcklová, an immensely gifted Academy music student from Czechia.

Eli’s Mum used to play her my CD’s when she was little (though I never knew!) Aged 22 she wrote to me and sent me some of her own very impressive stuff! We wrote for 4 years about music, life, spirituality, relationships and pizza, and finally met in 2022 to record and film together.

Eli has a remarkably pure and emotive voice with an incredible range, and she also plays the piano, guitar & balalaika. It’s intense & tough at her Academy, where she studies everything from ballet, to opera, to arranging, composition, theory and much more besides.

But above all, Eli is a ‘natural’… an intuitive, spontaneous musician who lives & breathes music. She’s a genius, in fact, and is masterful also at graphic design and film-making!

I live in Budapest, and Eli has been studying in Olomouc, about 4 hours away by car. After our first recording session it became obvious that we should continue to co-create music & film, and so, over just 13 months, we’ve recorded and filmed 18 songs. We commute to each other to film and record.

14 of those songs are on this album, which Eli has also designed the artwork for. I composed most of the songs, and arranged them in the studio, but Eli composed Holy Spirit (words & music) and For you (music). She also played the penny whistle on For you and did all the female vocal arrangements on the album.

Morning sun & The river is flowing are traditional native American Indian folk songs. Apart from really authentic, Italian, deep-crust pizza, we share a love of a spiritual approach to life and art. We make music for God, love and art, and simply to share the fruits of our ‘music garden’.

I have been making albums since 1987, and work also as a spiritual psychotherapist. Eli studies, teaches kids singing, and continues to develop her own projects.

We tend to really like the music out there that we discover and send each other, and feel a kindredness also in aspiring to bring higher love down to the human heart on earth, through song. In this way we are latter-day minstrels or troubadors, like Grail Knights of song & spirit.

I have recorded with other artists before, but this is the first time a whole album of duets has emerged as a co-collaboration! Many of the songs are spiritually devotional, like With you, Not of this world, Whispers & These are the days. Others, like For you & I want to be close to you are more direct and personal.

Some more instrumental pieces layered over with Eli’s ethereal voice, are more mythic and magical, like The girl & the lily, Dragon child & Etheric angel

Ellie, let your hair fall down (I think my favourite song of all that I’ve written) is inspired by my experience of Eli as a musical, dancing enchantress of song, embodying spirituality and sensuality in mind, body and soul, whilst radiating her healing light. I spell it ‘Ellie’ in the title so people don’t think ‘Eli’ is pronounced like you might say ‘feline’! (Eli should be pronounced like in ‘belly’!)

Her Holy Spirit song came near the end of our project as it unfolded, and seems to come from a different inner, esoteric, mystical place altogether. She first played it in a Czech church 5 years ago, but kept the film a secret, lest it be misinterpreted either by believers or non-believers. When I heard it I felt it really should be given wings to fly now, so I made my own arrangement of it, and Eli put her heart and soul into the performance.

So this, then, is Spirit Songs, our co-creation.

~ Asha Elijah ‘Spirit Songs’