Songs for a More Meaningful Life

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Songs for a More Meaningful Life cover


Track Listing

1. To the light 6.05
2. Crystal street 6.50
3. Winter trees 5.38
4. Heart-shaped leaf 3.16
5. Don't you wait for me 5.46
6. The undreaming shadow 7.16
7. Fields of breeze 3.34
8. Past lives 4.12
9. Let you go 5.08
10. It's just a song and that's OK 6.03
11. Peace be with you 5.06
12. Touched by Christ 5.04
13. Spirit breathing 4.11
14. Say goodbye beautifully 6.56

Total running time 75.05

A word about the songs...

This collection of songs is about the inner struggle for virtue. There are songs of spiritual aspiration like To the light & The undreaming shadow; ‘letting-go’ songs like Crystal street & Don’t you wait for me; songs about karma & spiritual reality like Winter trees & Past lives, and cheerful songs of gratitude like Heart-shaped leaf & Fields of breeze.

Virtue is a natural consequence of faith in God, love and our invisible helpers in the spiritual world, that hierarchy of angelic beings and elementals that guide us towards full consciousness of our divinity. And faith itself rests upon trusting that which has not yet fully come into view, like the birds sing about the impending dawn!

The spiritual challenge of virtue is to love life wholeheartedly without reservation, fatalism, cynicism, judgement, attachment, possessiveness, blame, doubt or fear… but to accept, abide by and align with the higher will, knowingly, lovingly, and in all gratitude and humility. Faith in God is a choice we can make, without proof.

These songs reflect my progress! They become my guides… my chapel to give thanks in. As they are given to me, so in turn I offer them to you, with love and blessing.

~ Asha, November, 2020