Love is Blue cover


Track Listing

1. Can’t help falling in love (Elvis) 3.18
2. Man gave names to all the animals (Bob Dylan) 5.07
3. If it be your will (Leonard Cohen) 4.43
4. Whippoorwill (The Ozarks) 5.20
5. The lightning tree (The Settlers) 5.21
6. Unchained melody (The Righteous Brothers) 4.20
7. Please don’t let me be misunderstood (Nina Simone) 4.25
8. People get ready (Curtis Mayfield) 4.30
9. Ride upon the storm (Claus Hempler & Dragonborn) 6.51
10. Waterlow (Ian Hunter) 4.51
11. Always on my mind (Willie Nelson) 3.21
12. In my secret life (Leonard Cohen) 5.15
13. Love is blue (Paul Mauriat) 5.11
14. Unchained melody (piano & vocal) 4.20
15. If this is goodbye (Mark Knopfler) 4.28
16. Can’t help falling in love (soft version) 3.59

Total running time 75.20

A word about the songs...

Love is Blue is my 6th volume of cover versions! I also have over 30 studio albums of my own compositions, and all my songs are available on CD & download on my website

When I do cover versions, I only sing songs I love and feel I can do a good job with. As a musician I’ve always found that I can’t just be a consumer; when I love a piece of music I feel that I must respond somehow, so I either create afresh out of gratitude and inspiration, or I seek to emulate!

Here I sing songs by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Elvis, Willie Nelson & Mark Knopfler… all artists that inspired me with many songs when I was young… as well as others by great artists such as Nina Simone, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Curtis Mayfield, Dragonborn & Ian Hunter, but those more as ‘one-offs’ in my like-list!

In the two other cases on this album, with the title track Love is blue and with The lightning tree, I found a radically different interpretation in my soul from the originals.

The lightning tree, by The Settlers was a TV theme tune to a kid’s drama, but I’ve turned it almost into a shamanic anthem!

And Love is blue… well to me, it was borderline cool in the 60’s as an instrumental by Paul Mauriat & his orchestra. It was mainstream, but it conjured up ‘La belle France’ and French chic; of French films, nature, culture & art with a hipster verve! Of film-stars like Alain Delon & Catherine Deneuve; chanteuses like Francoise Hardy & Edith Piaf; James Bond in the sunny riviera; Inspector Clousseau, and the magical book “The Red Balloon.”

I found an original version with French lyrics, and here I sing in both English & French! It’s a love-song that goes from blue to grey and from grey back to blue, encapsulating the mysterious madness of love in all its forms.

And so I called the whole album Love is Blue as a kind of life statement…

Mad, mad, this love is so mad
Mad like me, and mad like you
Blue, blue, this love is blue
This love is blue when I am with you

~ Asha Elijah ‘Love is Blue’