Gospel of Love

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Gospel of Love cover


Track Listing

1. We weren’t born to be defeated 6.12
2. Mary of the sorrows 6.33
3. The finer points of love 5.01
4. Birthday song 3.44
5. The prayer of Saint Rita 4.19
6. Down by the river 5.35
7. God is great 4.07
8. Glad that I live am I 4.00
9. Lila, Lila 5.29
10. Deep sea diver 4.31
11. Study in G minor (for Alíz) 3.39
12. Luly, lula, lulay 4.58
13. We havn’t lost the world 5.02
14. Walking with Jesus 6.39

Total running time 69.52

A word about the songs...

Everyone has a unique purpose upon the earth, a unique set of gifts both to give and to receive. We are born into a karmic matrix which, if we take it the right way, helps us to see, accept and feel the grace & blessing of spiritual reality.

Often our unique purpose is not so much to make a physical mark or to leave a personal legacy, but to learn how to challenge with grace, accept with integrity or to abide with love. There are many roses, but the one God gives to each of us is unique and bespoke.

What we may go on to achieve in the physical sense serves only to help complete us as individuals. It is clear to me that my ‘mission’ upon the earth in this incarnation, is to bring higher love to earth through song. It is the mission of the troubador. The troubadors of old were themselves initiates or disciples of the secrets of higher love.

Together, I call all my songs a ‘Gospel of Love’. It is now 33 years since my first songs appeared, and this inspires me to also name this individual collection of songs in my 33rd year of musician-ship, ‘Gospel of Love’.

~ Asha, June, 2021