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Welcome! I am Asha, also known as Asha Elijah and Asher Quinn. You will find 36 albums here, from my very latest collection of songs on Spirit Songs in 2023, going right back to my debut album Open Secret in 1987, which was predominantly instrumental. You can also listen to samples, read descriptions, buy CD's and downloads, watch YouTubes, see galleries and find out about concerts and forthcoming events in these pages! My songs, instrumental pieces and piano vignettes are spiritually themed, intimate and heart-centered in intent. I sometimes also re-interpret traditional songs and great love ballads by other troubadours of our times, like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and combine this musical output with a private practice as a spiritual psychotherapist.

Please scroll down for the latest news about forthcoming albums, projects and so on.

My poems also have a page here, and some have been set to music on YouTube.

"Your music takes me on a glorious journey, Asha. Thank you!"

~ Jenny Hanna Plummer, Melbourne, Australia

"You are one of my musical heroes because you’re not afraid to sing from the heart and spirit!"

~ Dano Pierce, USA

"Every song of yours I hear gives me a soul lift 💜 Please keep singing to us always 💜☀️☀️☀️"

~ Sanson Ani Elle, Subotica, Serbia


Latest news

12/11/23 ~ New Album

I have collaborated with Czech Music Academy student Eliška Bröcklová (Eli) to record Spirit Songs! Eli duets on most tracks, takes the lead on ‘For you’ & ‘Holy Spirit’, and wafts over the instrumentals ‘Healing star’, ‘Dragon child’ & 'The girl & the lily’. 'Morning sun’ & ’The river is flowing’ are traditional Native American songs, and all the tracks otherwise are original compositions of mine, except ‘Holy Spirit’ which Eli wrote, and ‘For you’ which we co-wrote!

YouTube Playlist

Track list:

1. For you 3.45
2. Ellie, let your hair fall down 8.16
3. With you 5.49
4. Morning sun 4.05
5. I want to be close to you 3.39
6. The healing star 4.03
7. The river is flowing 5.53
8. Dragon child 5.10
9. Not of this world 4.54
10. The girl and the lily 3.30
11. Whispers 8.47
12. These are the days 4.01
13. Holy Spirit 5.10
14. Etheric angel 3.15

Total running time 69.41

12/11/23 ~ More albums coming soon

In 2024, please expect the completion of The Healing Star, my first entirely instrumental album since A Concert of Angels in 1993!

Also look out for an unplugged album of classic cover versions with just guitar & voice (& mouth-organ), called Guitar Boy! It’ll have songs like ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Dust in the wind’, ‘Don’t think twice’ & ‘My old pain’ on it! It’s GREAT!!

Two other original studio albums are now nearing completion: ‘Prayers & Invocations’ & ‘Life is Change’!

And my 7th volume of cover versions 'Roadside Songs' is already half complete!

'Symphony Storms Within’ is another studio album under way, half vocal & half instrumental.

Angel Guitar Boy’ will follow soon, too… my own original songs unplugged!

15/11/20 ~ Support my music!!!

Three ways to donate if you'd like to support my music!!!

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* Patreon
* Paypal direct

Any contributions you may ever feel inspired to offer, help enormously to manifest the songs and films you see here. The big costs I have are for the studio time, and the pressing of the discs, and the smaller costs are for travel, accommodation, artwork, website updates and maintenance, and insurances.

From start to finish a new album might cost about £5000 to get it from my heart to the market-place, but my main motives are to create music for love, art, truth and spirit, not to get rich! I have a basic infra-structure so my CD’s and downloads sell (here on my site, and through distribution, and sites like i-tunes, amazon, spotify and so on), but it only just about covers the costs or… more often... falls a little short.

This is the way of the artist! I am an amateur in the truest sense… from the words ‘ama te’… to do something for higher love, but my products are very professionally produced.

To provide for my family I earn income from being a spiritual psychotherapist. The music has to pay for itself! And yet somehow I’ve managed to create over 33 albums in 33 years, and to make over 333 films (lots of ‘3’s’!!) Occasionally benefactors help out, and this has been a great blessing. So if you are touched by my songs and feel so inspired, then all contributions to costs are gratefully received! And you will be loved not only by me, but also loved in heaven! You know it makes sense!

A one-off contribution (3 figures is a nice number!); a monthly donation; an unexpected tax-rebate or inheritance from an auntie you never knew you had… things like that! All are welcome!


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"I adore your songs and their teachings. Thank you dear messenger of God, angel Asha Elijah."

~ Iona June, South Africa

Singing Stone Music Singing Stone

Singing Stone Music is now the record label on which I record, and which houses my current catalogue. Click here to read the legend of the singing stone and about the mythology of the heart with wings that I've chosen as the logo